How to Send Rakhi to India Online – Know What Samira Did in Last Year Rakhi!

How to Send Rakhi to India Online – Know What Samira Did in Last Year Rakhi!

11th Jul 2019

Rakshabandhan was almost 15 days away and Samira is living Far away from his brother in United Kingdom where she really wanted and was finding ways on how to send rakhi to India for his brother, Nayan who is in Mumbai.

How in the world is she going to buy the Rakhis and gifts of her choice? Lost in her thoughts, she just logged on to internet to divert her mind. And guess what she found?

An advertisement of UK Gifts Portal showing some beautiful pictures of Rakhi along with gift hampers and that too with free shipping from UK to India.

What else could Samira ask for? She immediately clicked on the website to check how true it actually is.

And guess what she found on the website? An amazing and beautiful display of all types of Rakhis. From pearl threads to Lumba Rakhi, from Bhaiya Bhabhi to silver studded, each and every Rakhi was a unique one in itself. By this time, Samira decided that she would send rakhi to India from UK by this portal.

And then, she discovered the things at UK Gifts Portal website that made her confirmation even stronger:

  • She could order her favoriterakhis without any hiccups.
  • While she was ordering, she noticed that there was an extra ordinary range of Rakhis available at UK Gifts Portal website. From Bhaiya Bhabhi sets to kids Rakhis. From high class Silver Rakhis to pretty looking Pearl Rakhis. UK Gifts Portal has all of them.
  • She just had to click on "Buy Now" and she was navigated to other pages directly where she placed in her brother's delivery address and she could choose her payment mode too.
  • She also added a beautiful gift for her brother in Mumbai, along with the Rakhi she was sending, which would reach him the next 3-4 days because UK Gifts Portal offers faster delivery. Isn't this cool?
  • There was a perfect range of return presents for sisters too. She made up her mind that she is going to ask her brothers to visit the site and buy her the gift of her choice.
  • To add to the fun, there were free shipping on Rakhi combos which saved her a lot of money.

The Rakhis she ordered were actually delivered the within few day, to her brother's address in India.

Thus, Samira celebrated an absolutely happyRakhshabandhan with her brother, who was far away yet near to her.

Now, what are you waiting for? Rakshabandhan is right around the corner, order and send rakhi to India today to your lovely brother.